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Contouring is used to add structure to the face making it appear “snatched”, you can create depth in your face to make your cheeks look thinner or your nose look slimmer. The best way to do it is using cream contour. You can also use powder but in my opinion, I feel cream is the way to go.

Your contour shade should be one shade darker than your skin tone to create a natural looking look. You can do it before or after your foundation but I feel that the look of contour after foundation works and looks a little better.

A tip that the queen of contouring herself, Kim Kardashian, has said is to contour in a “3 shape/motion”, meaning adding it from your forehead, to your cheekbones, to your jaw all together in a 3 shape.

If you're using cream contour you can use a flat brush to blend it out or even a beauty sponge!

After blending the contour out you can go back in with a bit of powder to set that in place so it doesn't move!

A lot of people also use this to make their noses appear slimmer. Nose contouring, in my opinion is a little harder but with practice you’ll look like you got a nose job using makeup in no time!

People also use it to contour fake abs on themselves so that just tells you how many things you can create and make appear bigger with just the power of makeup!

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