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This is a list of all your makeup essentials that you should have at all times! Or if you’re a beginner at makeup, you should definitely start off with these products!

Face Primer

Primer is very important! We went over why that is on a previous blog post that you can read, Here.


If you want more coverage you should definitely invest in a good foundation! There are foundations with light coverage, medium coverage or full coverage.


I personally don't own any concealer, I just add a little extra foundation wherever I need it, but if you have issues with dark under eyes or blemishes, concealer will definitely be your best friend!

Face Powder

We have loose setting powder or Powder foundation!

Loose setting powder is translucent and is to set your foundation and concealer in place. For more coverage you can use powder foundation instead because it does have some color in it.

Or if you just want really light coverage you can skip the foundation and just use powder foundation!


If you’re just a beginner with makeup you definitely don't need any contour, Bronzer will be just fine!

Bronzer is more so to warm up your face so you don't look too pale or just one straight color because of the foundation and powder.

Bronzer is perfect for adding color to your face & adding a little extra something!


Blush is perfect to make you look more awake and bring even more color to your face!

Some people even skip the bronzer and go straight into the blush! It's an absolute beautiful beauty trend!


Highlighter is great for a lot of things! Use this to add some glow on your face! Learn more about it, Here.

Brow Pencil

A Brow pencil is great for beginners! Its super easy to use, even faster to put on and it makes your eyebrows look natural!


If you want to be a little more creative then you should definitely invest in an eyeshadow palette! Preferably a neutral palette for a softer look.

TIP: If you don't want to spend money on an eyeshadow palette you can just add some of your bronzer into your crease or all over the eye for a cute subtle eyeshadow look!

You could even top it off with some of your highlighter!


Eyeliner is definitely cute but it is a little trickier to work with but if you're up for the challenge then definitely go for it! Eyeliner looks incredible!


Mascara is perfect to lengthen your natural lashes without having to wear falsies! Just curl them a little before and BAM!


Lipstick is pretty self explanatory. Definitely use it to make your makeup POP a little more!

Setting Spray

Setting Spray is very important to keep your makeup in place at all times! You have the option of a matte setting spray or a luminous one which will be a little more glowy!

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Julia David
02 Φεβ 2021

Any discount sale offer can we expect from your beauty store during this Valentine season? Or any percent discount available on Valentines Day Coupons?

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