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4 Surefire Ways To Make That Eyeshadow Stay Put

Got a problem with your eyeshadow fading and running away? Do you feel like your eyeshadow's got a mind of it's own? Here are some ways to keep that shadow in the forefront.

1. Apply your eyeshadow first!

Before applying any other makeup or foundation, apply your eyeshadow. This will eliminate extra unwanted oils from getting in the way of your eyeshadow gripping to those lids. It will also assist with the ability to clean and cover any fallout more easily without ruining your perfect foundation and having to reapply it.

2. Moisturize around your eyelids, not on them.

Save the lid moisturizing for nighttime before heading to bed. Unless you're using an oil-free moisturizer, don't add excess oils to those lids, as your can rest-assured it will cause that shadow to slide right off your face. Wash and moisturize your entire face at night and be sure to rinse off any lotions and moisturizers in the morning before applying your eye makeup. This way, you're still getting the proper moisture and hydration your face needs but avoiding eye makeup mishaps. And, if you still need to apply any creams or moisturizers before or with your foundation application, you can apply it around your eyes and not on them without feeling like they've been left out to dry.

3. Use an eyeshadow primer, not concealer or foundation, as a base.

A primer's purpose is to help alleviate excess oils that tend to develop on your eyelids and to create a gripping base for that eyeshadow to hold onto, decrease creases in its application, and enhance its color. Using foundations and concealers tends to only increase oils due to them having more of a moisturizing effect rather than an oil-free finish.

4. Apply setting powder to your lids.

Setting powder is made to keep your foundation in place, help it last longer, and keep it shine-free. Applying a little of this on your lids before applying your eyeshadow will assist in locking in the look, color, and making your eyes pop!

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