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The Gift of Giving

With the holidays around the corner, we are all thinking of what to get for our loved ones and have no clue what they will like. We know people, their likes and dislikes, but it still seems impossible to find them a gift. Something original that they will love, that won't break your wallet. Here are some gifts under $30 that are both original and thoughtful.

For your fluffy companion be it cat of dog here six gifts to get you some fluffy love.

1) Consuela the Cactus.

2) Bark Box.

3)Dog Brick Treat Puzzle.

4)Sushi Cat Toy.

5)Meow Box

6)Ginger Bread House Cat Scratchier.

What about kids what do they like now. Well here are five gifts they will love.

1)Mad Libs.

2)Mystery Slime Box With Free Mini Squishy.

3)3D Dinosaur Light.

4) Pop Grip Lip.

5)Onesie pajamas.

If you want something special for that special someone, try one of these six gifts.

1)Large Initial Pendent.

2)What I Love About You Book.

3)Custom Disney Tote.

4) Purse or Wallet.

5)Face mask.

6)Custom Key Chain

Want to get something for your parent? Show them how grateful you are with one of these six gifts.

1)Breakfast Sandwich Maker.

2)Head Massager.


4)Essential Oil Diffuser.

5)Pollinator Garden.

6)Smiley Face Pancake Maker.

Here are fifteen gifts you can get for just about anyone.

1)Bath bomb.



4)Cable bite.

5)Kitchen tools.

6)Loose Leaf Tea.

7)Eyeshadow Palette.


10)Charging Stand.

11)Bluetooth Earbuds.

12)Stainless Steel Straw.

13)Oversized Plaid Blanket Scarf.

14)Custom Name Mug.

15)Constellation Fridge Magnets.

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