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5 Minutes Of Mindfulness

If your too busy or feel a little stressed out, here are five amazing grounding techniques to bring back some peace.

1) The Five, Seven, Eight

For this technique you breath in for a count of five, hold that breath for a count of seven, then breath out for a count of eight. Repeat ten to fifteen times and feel the weight of the world fall off your shoulders.

2) The Five Senses

For this technique start with you finding a good, quiet seat, then close your eyes and take three slow, deep breaths.

1. Open your eyes and in your head list five things you can see. Close your eyes and take three more deep breaths.

2. List four things you feel, be it the chair you are sitting in, or even the wind in your hair, then take three more breaths.

3. List three things your hear, from birds singing to cars passing, or even your own breathing. Take time to focus on them one by one, then take three more breaths.

4. List two things you smell and focus on where you think the smell is come from. Then, take three more deep breaths.

5. Finally, list something positive about yourself that leaves you with a sweet feeling.

3) Just Dance

When you feel like just screaming and breaking down, JUST DANCE! Go to an empty room and turn up your "feel good" song and dance like no one's watching. Have fun get your blood pumping!

3) Moment of Gratitude

Take a moment and write a letter to someone or about something you're grateful for. Say all the reasons you're grateful for said person or thing, and you can read it to them or keep it for yourself.

4) Watering

When you're feeling overwhelmed, go to the restroom and slowly wash your hands. Feel the water running through your hands. Start with warm water then go to cold. How does it feel differently? Try letting the water run on different areas of your hand. This should give you a soothing feeling and is a great relaxation technique.

5) Make Yourself Laugh

Go online, look up funny videos and make yourself laugh. After a good laugh, it's easier to keep that smile on your face. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

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