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Steam It! Yes, Your Face!

Steaming your face has a lot of benefits. It helps open your pores for a deeper clean when you wash your face and can provide an unparalleled level off moisture. It’s also hydrating! It increases your natural oils leading to healthy “glowy” looking skin. Doing this before your skincare routine will also help your skin absorb the products even better.

You can also add some essential oils or herbs into the water for an even more relaxing experience and added moisture.

You don’t need any fancy equipment to steam your face! Down below, we'll explain how you can do it all from home with items that you already have!

Added benefit: Steaming your face also helps with headaches and sinus congestion. Whoa!

Items you need:

  • Bowl

  • Kettle

  • Towel


  • Boil some water in the kettle (this is where you can also add your herbs or essential oils)

  • Let the water sit for about 3 minutes, then carefully pour some into a large bowl (be very careful with it. Remember, it's hot!)

  • Put the towel over your head and your face over the bowl at a 45-degree angle, and allow the steam to gently tone and moisturize your face for 5-10 minutes

BAM! Your very own at home spa! You're welcome.

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