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Delightful Detox Water

Health Benefits

Though one should be drinking eight cups of water a day, if you add some fruit and herbs, there are some boosted health benefits. They range from weight loss, toxin removal (detox), balancing the pH of the body (for women), boosting immune system, improving mood, increasing energy levels, improving complexion, and better digestive health.

Adding a couple slices of lemon/lime, cucumber, and mint into your water will not only give it an amazing flavor but will help detoxify, which helps with bloating and bringing your natural plumpness back into your skin.

If you're Interested in losing weight, try orange, lime, lemon, ginger, cucumber, and mint. This will not only help you loose weight, but will help strengthen your bones. A more potentate weight loss recipe is apple cider vinegar and some lemon, which helps get rid of negative bacteria.

To help with blood flow, as well as helping your immune system, you can use cayenne pepper and lemon. If you add berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and even peaches, it will help with anxiety and depression, as well as weight loss and killing viruses.

Those are only some recipes, there are so many more things you can add to your water including watermelon, basil, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapefruit, and more to help create a fantastic, healthy treat.

Have your self some tasty hydration and have a delightful day!

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