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Fall Hair Don't Care!

Welcome to Fall babes! Time for a new look. Browns and Brunettes are in. What Fall look will you be rocking?


Just because it's Fall doesn't mean your hair has to. As the Summer heat continues to burn throughout the day and the cold, Fall air creeps in at night, your hair is constantly being stripped of its moisture. If you're suffering from brittle, dry hair, you're not alone.  We've all been there and it's time to conquer this glam damaging season.  Here are some easy ways to keep you fabulous all season long: 

1. Deep Condition!

Take the time to care for your hair with a deep conditioning treatment. Lock in moisture and keep your hair hydrated with a good pH balanced conditioner, like Hair Magnifique Pure Gentility Protein Moisture Conditioner. It's strengthening and revitalizing, coconut oil, soy protein and plant extracts not only repair and restore elasticity but also this Keratin-infused conditioner locks in moisture, softens and seals the cuticle leaving even the most chemically-treated hair smooth and shiny.

2. No more Wash N' Go's!

We know you've done it. We're all guilty of the wash n' go. You know, wetting your hair to smooth it into a ponytail or to get those juicy curls to pop. This is a no-no babes. Wet hair on the fly on a daily basis can dry your hair out and cause breakage. If you're doing this too often, your constantly draining the moisture out of your hair. So, plan a day ahead and use a curl enhancer, like Hair Magnifique Mane-Taming Curl Elixir, to get those curly locks. 

3. Rock a Protective Style!

Ease up your styling routine by trying out a protective hair style. Try braids, twist-outs or a full lace wig to help keep your ends protected and avoid splitting and breakage. Doing this will give your hair a break and allow your hair to flourish, keeping you looking flawless, effortlessly. Need some wig suggestions, check out Hair Magnifique's collection of lace front and full lace wigs online now.

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